Kayjen Group is a progressive company that is passionate about creativity and innovation and are committed to the long-term vision of an Energy Efficient and Sustainable South Africa. The world is entering a period of energy scarcity and South Africa’s previously abundant electricity reserves are questionable. Our mission is to develop customised sustainable energy management solutions for our customers.


“Paving a Green Path through Sustainable Energy Management Solutions”


“Pride ourselves with full commitment on offering legendary customer service, superior quality & innovative solutions”


  • To uphold honest and ethical business practices.
  • To maintain a standard of excellence in every aspect of the business.
  • To be innovative and adaptable to the ever-changing market needs.
  • To satisfy and exceed customer expectations with high quality, cost-effective products and superior service and delivery.

Kayjen Group is a proudly level 1 BEE company (100% BO), South African company with over 20 years of combined energy management experience and has a national footprint with the head office in Midrand. It has a unique blend of skills and experience obtained primarily in the energy and electrical industry. We are a progressive company that is passionate about incorporating creativity and innovation in all we do.


Our mission is to provide our clients with holistic energy efficiency solutions and clean power or alternative options. We offer a full service, from concept planning through to completion, employing a highly skilled professional team working together and using innovation, common sense and practical experience.